Aerial Work

Do you need something moved?  Why not use a helicopter.  Utilising a helicopter as an aerial crane provides the benefit of fast and efficient placement of equipment/materials.  

You can be confident that you are getting the best pilots, ground crew and equipment to complete the task safely.  All pilots are highly experienced with sling work and possess the expertise for precision positioning of loads.  We also provide experienced ground crew to ensure safe and efficient operations on the ground whilst slinging is being conducted.  The ground crew are qualified and experienced tradespeople (riggers and dogmen) supplied by our business partner, Metalrig, who are out in the field doing this type of work on a daily basis.  

All necessary equipment such as long lines, short lines, lifting frames, nets and lifting straps/slings/hooks are provided by us.    

Some of the helicopter lifting (aerial crane) services we offer:

• Lifts up to 750kg

• Construction materials

• Wet season mining support

• Fuel drops

• Fodder drops

• Air conditioning unit installation and removal

• Transmission/tower construction, placement and demolition

• Lifting pools & spas, 

• Housing frames and materials

To discuss your helicopter lifting (aerial crane) requirements contact Helipower.

Metalrig offer Crane Hire, Rigging and Dogging services in North Queensland.